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Minecon 2012!

We won't be running a booth or anything, we're just going to be on site having fun. If you see us please feel free to approach us! We'd love to meet fans in person! You can expect to see full coverage of all the highlights of our trip to go up on my channel !...

New Connection IP’s

Edit: Ignore everything below, all is fine, should be all you need now. We're no longer using the Hub system (for now) because of the lag / instability that it causes. So for now (perhaps only temporarily) you can connect to your desired servers by using the following IP's. - Connects you to...

Upcoming changes

Hey everyone! So I'm very excited to announce that the new hub system is almost 70% set up. The server will be seeing a widespread improvement in the amount of players it can hold due to this. We're looking at roughly 1,000 slots being available server-wide. However this does not go to say everything is completely...

David Choi – That Girl


Redbull for an hippopotamus ?

" Redbull break your boring life " Agency : nickandjack, Paris, France Client : REDBULL Creatives : Nicolas Dumenil, Jacques Denain
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